We are different because we have been through the buying and selling process in both Spain and the UK and are here to help YOU match the right property to the right people.

Different for Sellers

Kevin & Fiona started their own Estate Agency business in the UK in 1995 when the property market was at an all time low.  However, it was the best time to start, as they drew on their knowledge they became VERY successful in the difficult times.  Now, it is time to draw on that experience again.

1.  We will present your property in a professional manner, in a way that is appealing and expected by the UK buyer.  Your details will feature a location map, floor plan and superb photography to show your property off to its’ best.


2.  We will advertise your property on our own website – ValenciaValueProperty.com and the following:


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3.  Viewings on your property will be accompanied.  Unless it is impossible for us to get there, we will always show a potential buyer around your home, so that we can answer important questions about the location, property and the buying process.

4.  Once a viewing has been conducted, we will provide you with feedback as to how that viewing went and what the potential buyers thought of your home.  We know and understand that NOTHING is more frustrating than showing someone your home and then not hearing back.  If they didn’t like it – we will tell you.  Hopefully, being honest will help create a picture of why your home is not selling and enable us rectify the problem so that it does.

5.  Above all, UK buyers like to deal with UK Agents.  That’s what we are here for – after all, we are “The Property People”.

Different for Buyers

If you are the vendor selling your property, we will advise you of the reasons why a potential buyer has decided against your property, so that we can start to build up a picture and hopefully, resolve any issues which may well be putting people off.

If you are a buyer, Kevin and Fiona will take down your requirements and needs to ensure that the right property is matched to you and build up a rapport that you can trust, that only comes with years of experience.

1.  Kevin and Fiona will find out your requirements and what is important to you in your new home, so that we are not spending endless hours going to random properties which are not suitable.  This happened to us with some agents and it proved both tiresome and expensive.

2.  We will accompany you on your viewings so that we are able to point out things in the local area and property and answer any questions that you may have regarding the home that you are viewing.  Don’t be afraid to ask – that’s what we are there for.

3.  Once you have found your new home, Fanni and Julia whom are experienced with dealing with the local council, notaries and solicitors, will guide you through every stage of the buying process.  They are Spanish and know EXACTLY what is required.

4.  Once you have purchased, we are on hand to point you in the right direction for services, tradesmen and most importantly the social life.  Helping you to “live the dream” immediately.